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Women encouraged to sign up with UK health registry

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, July 11, 2006  
Contact Information:  Lisa Wallace
(502) 564-6786, ext. 4013

The Division of Women’s Physical and Mental Health in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services is working with the University of Kentucky Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health to promote and encourage women to take part in the first-of-its kind statewide registry to track women’s health trends.


“The UK Women’s Health Registry is a great beginning in efforts to track health trends across generations of Kentucky women," said Joyce Jennings, director of the Cabinet’s women’s health division. “The registry will help us better understand the impact of geographic, cultural, socioeconomic and other factors on the health of women in the commonwealth.”


Research has shown that women and men respond differently to some medical treatments, present with different symptoms for the same diseases and generally experience health issues in different ways. Women also encounter stressors and other health influences that may affect their health differently than men.


According to Leslie J. Crofford, M.D., director of the UK Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health, one of the objectives of the registry is to generate long-term women’s health research data to improve the design and delivery of treatment and prevention options based on Kentucky women’s needs. The registry may also help increase women’s participation in UK medical research.


Registry participants receive health information and periodic status reports. Clinical trials offered through the registry program offer women access to new drugs and alternative therapies, specialty physicians, support systems and, in some cases, monetary compensation.


All personal information is safeguarded and confidential. Medical researchers must meet rigorous approval and screening criteria to qualify for access to registry information.


Participation in both the registry and associated clinical trials is voluntary.

“We strongly encourage women to sign up for this historic and important health research project,” Jennings said. “The possibilities are endless for positive outcomes from this comprehensive study of women’s health issues in our state. But, the success of the registry depends on women’s willingness to participate.”


The registry survey is available online at You may also request a mail-in survey by calling (859) 323-5709 or toll-free (800) 929-2320.



Last Updated 7/11/2006