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Registered Sanitarians Get Help Tracking Continuing Ed Hours

Press Release Date:  Friday, September 08, 2006  
Contact Information:  Gwenda Bond or Beth Crace,(502)564-6786  

Kentucky’s Department for Public Health has announced a new Web site to improve information access for the state’s 600-plus environmental health professionals.

Thanks to the application of Web technology, sanitarians (commonly known as environmental health specialists) can track their course work and continuing education hours online from any Internet access point. This new system will track up to the required 10 contact hours each year.

“Keeping with Governor Fletcher’s commitment to improve efficiency in state government, we have developed a new Web process to allow all registered sanitarians to track course work online,” said Guy Delius, secretary of the registered sanitarian examining committee. “We’ve developed what we feel is a very user-friendly, interactive Web site that will benefit both sanitarians as well as the oversight committee. All that is needed to access your information is Internet access and the member’s registration number.”

The registered sanitarian committee worked cooperatively with the cabinet’s information technology staff to produce the new Web site.

“It’s great to see collaboration between public health and information technology,” said William Hacker, M.D., acting undersecretary for health and public health commissioner. ”By pooling our in-house resources, we have been able to dramatically improve a system that before had been time-consuming. There will no longer be delays for registered sanitarians pursuing continuing education hours.”

Anyone who carries out environmental public health activities for the state of Kentucky or local county government needs to be registered as a sanitarian. Kentucky registered sanitarians are required by statute to complete continuing education courses or specific training to keep up with changing regulations, compliance standards and trends in the field on an annual basis.

Kentucky registered sanitarians help ensure the health and safety of the state’s citizens by monitoring restaurants, supermarkets, food processors, milk producers, hotels, motels, schools, boarding homes, youth camps, new home building, public swimming pools, lead paint content and radon gas exposure in homes, tattoo studios and many other environmental health aspects that could impact the public.

“Our public health sanitarians provide a safety net for our state’s most precious resource, our citizens,” said Delius. The registered sanitarian Web Site can be accessed at



Last Updated 9/8/2006