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New tax check-off option supports fight against breast cancer

Press Release Date:  Thursday, January 26, 2006  
Contact Information:  Lisa Wallace
(502) 564-6180, ext. 4013

FRANKFORT, KY (Jan. 26, 2006) -- Proceeds from a new state income tax check-off option will help advance the fight against breast cancer in Kentucky.
New on Kentucky’s 2005 tax year forms is a check-off option to designate all or a portion of individual state income tax refunds to the Kentucky Breast Cancer Research and Education Trust Fund.

The trust fund was created to respond to existing needs and promote promising efforts to reduce breast cancer incidence and mortality rates in Kentucky. The fund will award grants to existing and proposed programs and services that provide breast cancer education, research, treatment, outreach or related support functions.
The breast cancer trust fund check-off option is listed on line 36 of individual state income tax form 740; it is the fourth option on line 13 of form 740EZ.

The trust fund is headed by a board of directors and administered by the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Board members include chief medical staff from the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center and University of Louisville Brown Cancer Center, state government and advocacy group officials and breast cancer survivors.

According to the 2002-03 Kentucky Breast Cancer Status Report issued by the Kentucky Breast Cancer Task Force, breast cancer incidence rates in both Kentucky and the nation are declining. Kentucky’s incidence of early-stage disease is lower than the national rate. However, the rate of late-stage disease detection in Kentucky exceeds the national rate, as it has since the mid-1990s.

"I firmly believe by continuing to provide and improve education, research, outreach and access to screening opportunities for Kentucky women, we can dramatically reduce the incidence of late-stage diagnosis and breast cancer deaths in the state," said First Lady Glenna Fletcher.

Drivers who purchase the new Kentucky Breast Cancer License Plate also can promote the work of the trust fund and breast cancer awareness. An additional, voluntary donations to the trust fund can be made when plates are picked up at county clerks’ offices.

For more information about the state income tax check-off, the breast cancer license plate and how to help support the work of the Kentucky Breast Cancer Research and Education Trust Fund, call the state Division of Women’s Physical and Mental Health at (502) 564-9358.



Last Updated 1/26/2006