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Popular Event Raises Consumer Safety Issue

Press Release Date:  Monday, July 27, 2009  
Contact Information:  Gwenda Bond or Beth Fisher, (502) 564-6786, ext. 3325 and 4012  

Consumers should be cautious during U.S. 127 Corridor Sale

The U.S. 127 Corridor Sale is a popular destination for shoppers and tourists eager to peruse the 200-mile stretch of roadway forming the backdrop for the event in Kentucky. This year, the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) wants shoppers to be aware of an important consumer safety issue.

As of 2008, it became unlawful to sell recalled consumer products or products that violate safety standards after the passage of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. DPH cautions consumers to be mindful of this and educate themselves about potentially dangerous products by visiting the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web site,, before hitting the sales Aug. 6-9.

“Both vendors and consumers should familiarize themselves with types of products that have been recalled,” said DPH Commissioner William Hacker, M.D. “Nationally, more than 5 million cribs, bassinettes and play yards have been recalled in the past two years. Many of these recalls involve hardware failure that can create a space that can entrap and suffocate a baby.”

Not only children’s products are affected by recalls. In the past two years, more than 900,000 toasters sold under 10 different brand names have been recalled, mostly for fire hazards. More than 1.6 million refrigerators, 800,000 coffee makers and 61,000 hair dryers were recalled during the same period for fire and electrical shock hazards.

“Every seller of used goods and every consumer should check the CPSC Web site periodically for important recall information,” said Guy Delius, director of the division of public health protection and safety in DPH. “We want all Kentuckians to have access to the safest products available. You can even sign up to receive free recall announcements by e-mail. Manufacturers’ Web sites are another good source of recall information.”

Additional information about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and its effect on resellers and consumers can be found at For more information, contact DPH’s partner, the Kentucky Consumer Product Safety Program at the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center at (859) 323-6194.





Last Updated 7/27/2009