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Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System (KY-EDRS)

What is the KY-EDRS?

The Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System (KY-EDRS) enables death records to be filed online with the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics (OVS), creating a paperless option.

The online KY-EDRS supports collaboration among multiple users including funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, coroners and OVS.

With KY-EDRS, funeral directors, physicians and medical certifiers can complete the death registration process faster with fewer errors and more efficiently.

The KY-EDRS also:

  • Saves time and effort.
  • Allows error correction enhanced accuracy. 
  • Supports completion and filing of a death record partially in electronic format and partially on paper if all participants are not online.
  • Eliminates the need to obtain signatures.
  • Electronically verifies Social Security numbers.
  • Improving turnaround time for obtaining certified copies.
  • Ensures security by requiring user authentication.

Login Information for KY-EDRS:

Login to KY-EDRS - registered users only

If you are interested in becoming an active participant, please contact the Office of Vital Statistics at (866) 451-3781.

KY-EDRS User Guides:

Funeral Director User Guide
Medical Certifier User Guide

KY-EDRS Medical Certifier Training Schedule

The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics is pleased to announce that we are now offering medical certifier face-to-face training sessions on how to register and file death certificates through the new KY-EDRS. 

These two-hour training sessions are available to all medical certifiers and medical certifier assistants. Training will take place at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services in the CHR Building at 275 E. Main St., Frankfort. Though KY-EDRS training is not mandatory for medical certifiers or assistants to participate in the online system, certifiers may find it helpful to take part in one of these face-to-face training sessions with OVS staff.

Please call (866) 451-3781 to enroll. The following training dates are currently scheduled for 2015. All sessions are conducted from 9 to 11 a.m., Eastern time. All training dates fall on Wednesday.

June 10, 2015
July 8, 2015
Aug. 12, 2015
Sept. 9, 2015
Oct. 14, 2015
Dec. 9, 2015


KY-EDRS Help Desk Telephone Numbers:

Staff is available during regular business hours to answer questions and provide assistance using the KY-EDRS. Please use the following telephone numbers:

  • For questions about using the KY-EDRS call (877) 545-6175 during regular business hours.
  • For help resetting your password call (877) 545-6175 during regular business hours.
  • For questions about proper completion of the death certificate (business rules) call the STATLINE at (866) 451-3781 or call (502) 564-4212, extensions 3231, 3232 or 3260 during regular business hours.


Funeral Director Information

CDC Funeral Directors Handbook
(Please note the numbering for fields in the book may differ from the numbering for fields on the Kentucky death certificate.)

CDC Guidelines for Reporting Occupation and Industry on Death Certificates

Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky

Kentucky Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors


Last Updated 5/21/2015