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Environmental Public Health Tracking

The environment plays an important role in health and human development. Research links specific diseases with exposures to environmental hazards. We know from research, for example, that one cause of lung cancer is exposure to asbestos.

Other suspected links remain unproven without adequate data and research. Environmental public health tracking (EPHT) is one way to collect data for analysis and research to establish other links between disease and exposure to environmental hazards. The goal of EPHT is to provide information that can be used to plan, apply and evaluate ways to prevent and control environmentally-related diseases.

National EPHT Web Portal

In 2009 the CDC launched the national Environmental Public Health Tracking Portal. The portal contains data on environmental hazards, exposures and environmentally related health conditons that can be displayed in map, table or graph format. Kentucky was accepted into the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network in August of 2014.  Kentucky's portal is under construction and will be available soon. View CDC video on the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.

*New* - The Kentucky Department for Public Health along with the Office of Health Policy has submitted hospital discharge data for four content areas to the National Tracking Network. Inpatient data will soon be available for asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning, heat stress illness and myocardial infarction. Outpatient data will soon be available for asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning and heat stress illness. To view the data, visit the national EPHT portal.

Data Sources on Environmental Exposures and Chronic Disease in Kentucky


Last Updated 5/3/2017