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Administration and Financial Management

Ron Horseman
Assistant Director
Ext. 4109

Mike Tuggle
Assistant Director
Ext. 4135

275 E. Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40621
(502) 564-6663

Division of Administration and Financial Management

Division Mission Statement

To provide the governor, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the commonwealth analysis and guidance on administrative and financial management issues to ensure the fiscal integrity and operational continuity of state government regarding the Department for Public Health and the Local Health Departments.

The Division of Administration and Financial Management

The Division of Administration and Financial Management (AFM) provides resource support to DPH including the Cabinet-level and health department staff. The division provides budget and accounting support, payments, permits and fee collections, grant allocations and payments as well as procurement and contracting support. The division develops and oversees the DPH budget and local health department (LHD) fiscal planning and administrative and management practices. The division provides fiscal support to all 120 county health departments of the commonwealth. The division works in concert with the other DPH divisions to plan, program, execute, manage and report the financial activities of the department and LHDs.

The division also is responsible for providing guidance on the daily operations of the LHDs across the state. This responsibility includes training and staff development, local health personnel management, medical coding, medical records and forms management, reporting of clinical and community-based services, providing security access to the online local health network, regulation and policy interpretation and the local board of heath nomination process. AFM orchestrated a statewide public health initiative to ensure compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a lead agency on HIPAA, the division is responsible for planning and implementating policy, procedural and technical changes to DPH and LHD operations as they relate to the privacy and confidentiality of identifiable patient information.

Budget Branch

Jenny Glass
Administrative Branch Manager
(502) 564-6663, ext. 4105

The Budget Branch is divided into the State Budget Section and the Local Health Budget Section. The mission of this branch is to provide total financial oversight of the budgets of both the department and the local health departments which is in excess of $480 million.

State Budget Section

The State Budget Section is responsible for preparing the biennial budget for the department and implementing spending plans approved by the governor; preparing all budget modifications and realignments for the department and recommending them to the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management (GOPM); reviewing and analyzing revenue and expenditure data as it relates to the departmental budget in order to provide management with information to make policy and budget adjustments; preparing federal grant reports and budget presentations; providing budget information/data to the federal government, Cabinet, GOPM and the Legislative Research Commission; and approving required accounting elements for each department contract. This section also provides revenue account codes for refund checks received from vendors; approve inter-account documents; schedules and reviews encumbrance reports monthly; and prepares journal vouchers as needed. Additionally, this section approves and processes all payment and purchase requests through the state Electronic Management Administrative and Reporting System (eMARS) and serves as a liaison for assisting and informing department eMARS users with setup and security; information updates; troubleshooting and training. 

Local Health Budget Section

The Local Budget Section provides technical and consultative assistance to local health departments regarding general accounting, budget and financial statement interpretation and analysis, assurance of proper financial internal controls, minimum local taxation submission and approval, conducts financial reviews, and audit oversight. The section also ensures the provision of financial training regarding regulations 902 KAR 8:170 and 902 KAR 8:165 to improve operations and fiscal accountability, and advise on any health department issues. This section reviews and approves annually the financial portion of the health department plans and budgets; reconciles bank statements for health departments under financial review; and coordinates audit reviews conducted by the Office of Inspector General.

This section also prepares projections of revenue and expenditures for all local health departments on a quarterly basis or monthly if needed; prepares annual LHD closeout reports; and provides special on-site technical assistance to health departments. This section processes Medicaid Preventive payments to LHDs and HANDS remittance advices; and prepares the cost center spread for posting of checks to local health departments.

The Budget Branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting Option 2 for Local Health Budget and Option 4 for State Budget.

Contracts and Payments Branch

Vickie Cravens
Administrative Branch Manager
(502) 564-6663, ext. 4124

The Contracts and Payments Branch is responsible for funding local health departments throughout the commonwealth and insuring that state and federal funds are allocated and paid in accordance with Department for Public Health administrative policy and federal guidelines as well as adherence to mandated guidelines from the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

The Contracts and Payments Branch provides technical support to the local health departments on allocations, payments and contracts as well as other state contracted public health vendors.

Contract Section

The Contract Section processes grant transactions annually to local health departments as well as develops  memoranda of agreement with the local health departments. The section creates five multi-provider agreements in eMARS for local health departments. The section develops personal services contracts, memoranda of agreement, memoranda of understanding and modifications to universities and miscellaneous vendors annually. Staff are responsible for reviewing and processing the LHDs subcontracts annually. In addition, the section tracks all contract personnel for the Department for Public Health.

Payment Section 

The Payment Section is responsible for processing payments to local health departments annually. The section distributes a semi-monthly electronic funds transfer report to the local health departments and a monthly grants and payments report. The section reconciles the branch grants and payments database with eMARS; bills, tracks, and collects newborn screening and other fees from various providers. The section is also responsible for all inventory, fixed assets, surplus property and all e-Mars fixed asset reporting for the entire Department for Public Health.

The Contracts and Payments Branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting Option 3.

Education and Workforce Development Branch

Becky Kissick-Hake
Administrative Branch Manager  
(502) 564-6663, ext. 4082

The Education and Workforce Development (EWD) Branch is responsible for ensuring a well-trained, competent workforce at the state and local level. The branch is charged with preparing the workforce and its community partners of responders and receivers to respond to a bioterrorism event or other public health emergency. The branch supports these efforts through four units.

Learn more about Education and Workforce Development Branch programs.

The EWD Branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting option 6.

Local Health Operations Branch

Craig Cooper
Administrative Branch Manager
(502) 564-6663, ext. 4100

The Local Health Operations Branch (LHO) is responsible for providing guidance in the administrative and technical support of the Kentucky local health departments (LHDs). This responsibility includes managing medical records and forms, providing guidance to LHDs on the completion of Patient Encounter Form entries, coding and reporting clinical and community-based services, and guidance on correcting third party billing errors for the Preventive Health Program. The LHO Branch also has the responsibility of maintaining Branch webpage and LHD Forms under the purview of the branch; coordinating LHD contract training, issuing contract provider numbers, and support with tracking the LHD contracts review process; and authorizing LHD Network Systems security access. The Local Health Operations Branch performs these responsibilities through the interpretation of policies, procedures, administrative regulations and statutes. 

The mission of the LHO branch is to provide quality assistance and support to help local health departments operate efficiently.

The LHO branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting Option 1 or by email.

Local Health Personnel Branch

Krista Hamilton
Acting Branch Manager
(502) 564-6663, ext. 4106

The Local Health Personnel (LHP) Branch ensures that LHD employees and applicants receive the highest quality human resource services in the areas of employment counseling, applicant processing, maintaining and updating selection criteria, maintaining employee records, creation of job classifications and salary computations for all local health departments. The branch is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the personnel system for the local health departments and their merit employees; providing support for the five-member Local Health Department Employment Personnel Council and recommending changes in the compensation and classification plan. The branch helps health departments recruit qualified employees by reviewing applications, processing personnel appointments, salary adjustments, reclassifications and promotions; and maintaining master personnel records and a register of applicants. The branch conducts regional training programs for local health department directors, supervisors and personnel specialists. Subjects include progressive discipline, employee performance evaluations, personnel regulations, sexual harassment and recruitment of qualified employees.

The branch is also responsible for reviewing/processing personnel documents and position actions; maintaining the central personnel files; implementing layoff plans; monitoring and assisting agencies in complying with the provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act; preparing and maintaining job classification and compensation plans for LHD employees covered by KRS 211, including the review of all personnel position actions, job audits, revision of class specifications and salary surveys, responsible for operation of a centralized applicant and employee counseling program for LHD employment; the LHD register program including the administration of layoff plans and coordination of outreach programs for recruitment of applicants. The branch is responsible for the design, development and implementation of strategic human resource projects consisting of maintaining the local health personnel website; and assists with problem resolution associated with data processing hardware and software. 

The LHP Branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting Option 5.


Last Updated 4/3/2018