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Microbiology Branch

Bacteriology Section

Bacteriology Section conducts public health microbiology including enteric identification, mycobacteriology and reference diagnostic bacteriology.

Supervisor- (502) 564-4446 Ext: 4431

Mycobacteriology - (502) 564-4446 Ext: 4423, 4422

Isolation, identification and sensitivity.

Bacteriology - (502) 564-4446 Ext: 4459

Enteric and Miscellaneous isolation and identification

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for selected organisms

Virology Section

Supervisor - (502) 564-4446, ext. 4483

Virology Lab - (502) 564-4446, ext. 4484

Tests Performed

Refer to the Reference List of Laboratory Tests for testing methodologies.


Rubella IgG / IgM

Hepatitis B

HbsAg; anti-HBs; anti-HBc

Hepatitis A IgM

VDRL/Syphilis IgG/TPPA

Antigen Detection (by FA)

Herpesvirus Direct FA

Varicella Direct FA

Viral Agent Isolation and Identification:

Respiratory Agents

ECHO Viruses

Coxsackie Viruses

Herpesvirus 1 and 2


Viral Serology


Varicella IgG/

Rubeola IgG/IgM

Mumps IgG

Cytomegalovirus IgG

Herpesvirus IgG

Arboviruses IgG


Syphilis: FTA-ABS


Rabies Antigen Detection and Isolation

(502) 564-4446, ext. 4487


Last Updated 7/7/2011