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Pictogram Signage

A complete listing of the signs included in the pictogram signage package are listed below. Click here to view a condensed grid of the pictogram signage available. Each pictogram sign is available in the following different dimensions and layouts (with and without border).

  • Large horizontal (24” x 18”)
  • Small horizontal (11” x 8.5”)
  • Large vertical (18” x 24”)
  • Small vertical (8.5” x 11”)

These dimensions are the minimum sizes in which the signage can be produced. Local health departments (LHDs) are permitted to produce the signage in larger sizes as long as the integrity of the design is not compromised in any way. When producing the signage, The Cabinet for Health and Family Services/Kentucky Department for Public Health (CHFS/DPH) requests that the size of the pictogram and accompanying text not be altered from its original design. To learn more about the different pictogram files included in this package, click here.

The pictogram signage files are available in the following formats:

  • JPEG (jpg)
  • PDF (pdf)
  • PowerPoint (ppt)

Other languages listed to the right of each sign are also available. These languages are the most commonly spoken languages  in Kentucky (Arabic, Bosnian, French, Russian and Vietnamese) with the exception of Spanish, which is listed on each of the sign templates.

Click here to access the complete pictogram .zip file containing all of the files listed below.

Walk-In PODs

Enter Here - Other Languages

Follow Arrows and Signs - Other Languages

No Food or Beverage - Other Languages

Form Line - Other Languages

Pick Up Form - Other Languages

Fill Out Form - Other Languages

Return Form - Other Languages

Get a Shot - Other Languages

Medication for Families with Children - Other Languages

Take 1 Pill a.m./Take 1 Pill p.m. - Other Languages

Take 2 Pills a.m./Take 2 Pills p.m. - Other Languages

Language Translator - Other Languages

Interpreter/Sign Language - Other Languages

First Aid - Other Languages

Support Counseling - Other Languages

Educational Information - Other Languages

Call for Information - Other Languages

Turn on TV/Radio - Other Languages

Questions - Other Languages

Exit - Other Languages

Drive-Thru PODs

Don't Change Lanes - Other Languages

Put Car in Park - Other Languages

Don't Leave Car - Other Languages

Cars with Children - Other Languages

Drive-Thru Lane - Other Languages

Stop and Wait - Other Languages



Last Updated 3/17/2009