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Preparedness at a Glance

January 2014

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On the Radar: Upcoming Deliverables

Core Deliverables
Joint Meetings: The last ITV meeting was 1:30-3:30 p.m. Eastern time, Jan. 14, 2015.


LHDs will develop standard operation guidelines (SOGs). This deliverable is based on the size of the LHD and is due March 31, 2015.

  • Small LHDs will complete core response SOGs (population <49,999)
  • Medium LHDs will complete core and additional SOGs (population 50,000-499,999)
  • Large LHDS will complete core, additional SOGs and a DOC support plan(population >500,000)

LHDs will develop, review and update (as necessary) the local health department jurisdiction SNS plan and increase dispensing capability, due March 31, 2015.

LHD will maintain a process to ensure key LHD personnel can be contacted within 30 minutes (24 hours a day, seven days a week) via the agency’s main phone number. This ability will be tested by KDPH by June 30, 2015.

Each LHD will determine appropriate staff needed during a response to a public health emergency or disaster and assure staff receives required training based on training matrix, due June 30, 2015.

MRC Deliverables

Update the MRC unit information and activities on the DCV/MRC website quarterly, due March 31, 2015. Contact Heather Walls for more information. 

Offer at least two face-to-face MRC volunteer training sessions from the KY MRC training matrix.

Epi Deliverables

Conduct shelter surveillance during public health emergencies.

Maintain surveillance systems that can identify health problems, threats and environmental hazards.

Maintain a current Epi-X account and actively monitor Epi-X daily reports
and alerts. Participate in Epi-X notification drills.

Deliverable Highlight– SNS Program Updates

To meet this deliverable, local health departments will develop, review and/or update (as necessary) the local health department jurisdictional SNS plan in order to increase dispensing and distribution capabilities. This may include reviewing and revising POD books and 215m, developing regional distributions site plans, involving partners and recruiting businesses interested in becoming closed POD partners.
Contact Shannon Gregory or Lloyd Peniston if you have questions.


Local News

Visit the Preparedness News page to find out about preparedness activities around the state.


News from the Branch

SNS Program Update

This will be a big year for the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Program throughout the commonwealth. Planning is well on its way for the 2015 SNS Full-scale exercise (FSE). The Kentucky Department for Public Health will seek to meet its 5-year grant obligations by conducting an FSE in the Louisville Cities Readiness Initiative jurisdiction June 16-18, 2015. This will include participation from myriad partners on every level of government, as well as partners from private industry. This three-day exercise will be a capstone event that will showcase our advanced preparedness and effective partnerships in a medical countermeasure event.

In addition, many local health departments throughout the commonwealth have stepped forward to conduct FSEs in their regions to meet exercise requirements. Some have already accomplished this daunting task. These exercises will likewise demonstrate the progressive level of preparedness across the state as well as the continued dedication of the local health departments in the preparedness mission. This will most certainly be a year to remember.
Please be on the lookout for exercise templates, soon to be released, that will aid in your exercise development and documentation.

Region 2 Regional Preparedness Coordinator Coverage

Tina Massengill and Margaret Hibbs will be providing RPC coverage in Region 2 until a replacement can be hired to fill John Rudolph’s position. Tina and Margaret will be contacting local preparedness staff to set up meetings to discuss how they can assist. They have access to John’s files so we hope this will help them better assist the region during this interim period.

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