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Branch Contact Information

Preparedness Branch

275 E. Main St. HS1E
Frankfort, KY 40621

Phone: 502-564-7243
Fax: 502-564-4387

The Public Health Preparedness Branch is divided into two sections. The Administration and Program Evaluation section oversees administration, finances and/or program evaluation. Duties of the Health and Medical Emergency Operations section include planning, training, exercise and/or logistics. You may view our Branch Contact List (PDF format- 584 KB) for additional information on our staff.

Name Position Ext.
Becky Gillis Preparedness Branch Manager 4032
Lisa Artigue HPC Region 15/Training Coordinator 4044
Jeff Brock Research Analyst 4048
Amber Click Program Coordinator 4031
Grant Gillion Exercise Coordinator 4047
Shannon Gregory Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator 4033
Jim House Healthcare Preparedness Program Supervisor 4034
Karen Howard Budget Analyst 4035
Michael Johnson Health and Medical Emergency Operations Section Supervisor 4036
Rick Johnson Administration and Program Evaluation Section Supervisor 4037
Brad Learn HPC Region 5/6 4038
Lloyd Peniston Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator 4039
Kenyetta Pinkston Functional and Access Needs Coordinator 4049
Katie Robinson Grants Coordinator 4041
Teddy Slone Program Evaluator 4046
Linwood Strenecky Logistics Coordinator 4029
Stephany Vento Center for Disease Control Fellow 4042
Heather Walls KHELPS/Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator 4040
Sandi Wright Administrative Coordinator 4043
Kim Yazell Training Coordinator/ Regional Preparedness Coordinator Supervisor 4045


Regional Preparedness Coordinators

Regional preparedness coordinators (RPC) are assigned to local health departments to assist with planning and response questions, training coordination, exercise development and evaluation and to act as a liaison between local and state health departments. Regional preparedness coordinators assist in varied tasks that are unique to their regions. If you have any questions, please contact your regional RPC. To find your county's region, use the RPC Map (PDF format-236KB) or the RPC Contact List (PDF format-491KB)

Name Region Phone Ext.
Tina Massengill Region 1 270-252-2710
Vacant Region 2
Margaret Hibbs Region 3 270-852-5387 3005
Jerrod Wright Region 4 270-487-6782 236
Mike Harmon Region 5 270-769-1601 1010
Joey Riddle Region 6 502-995-7837 2165
Barbara Yates Region 7 502-991-0530
David Fifer Region 8,9 859-497-2437
John Hunt Region 10 606-638-0354
Kim Hall Region 11 606-886-2788 246
Jarrod Crase Region 12 606-666-7732
Rebecca Patton Region 13 606-878-7754 237
Jessica Gover Region 14 606-678-4761 1295
Jason Dotson Region 15N 859-885-4149 1029
Rebecca Hardin Region 15S 859-236-2053 28


Last Updated 2/18/2015