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HIV/AIDS Continuing Education for Health Professionals

List of all state-approved HIV/AIDS courses (pdf, 1.3MB)

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State Requirements - Background

To be licensed in Kentucky, most health professionals are required to receive specific continuing education on HIV/AIDS. All applicants for initial licensure must receive two hours of HIV/AIDS education approved by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or the licensing board or certifying body (a link to the current course list is provided in the next box below). Applicants for licensure or certification renewal on active status must receive training at least once every 10 years thereafter, unless the licensing board or certifying entity requires more frequent completion under administrative regulations.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is responsible for reviewing and approving courses and professional school curricula that meet the specific requirements of Kentucky's statutes.

KRS Chapter 214.610 (pdf, 8k) - Educational course to be completed by health care workers and social workers. 

KRS Chapter 214.615 (pdf, 8k) - Required educational course on transmission, control, treatment and prevention of AIDS. 

KRS Chapter 214.620 (pdf, 8k) - Planning for implementation of professional education requirement -- Information and education requirements for certain groups. 

Courses Approved for Licensure in Kentucky


Download the current list of CHFS-approved HIV/AIDS CE courses (pdf, 198k).

Select one course designated specifically for your profession (see the checked boxes by each course showing which professions are covered by each course). Courses in the list are divided into three categories: online, correspondence and lectures.

Contact the course provider to order the course you have chosen. If the course is offered on the Internet, an active Web link to course content is provided in the course listing. If the course is provided as a lecture, you will have to contact the provider to ask when the lecture will be provided. CHFS does not maintain a schedule of lectures. 

Complete or attend the course that you have selected and take the post-test exam. After taking the course, you should receive a certificate showing the CHFS course approval number. When attending lectures, notify the provider that you are completing the course to meet Kentucky licensure requirements and request a signed certificate. Online courses will provide you with a certificate to print from your computer. Correspondence courses will mail you your certificate.

When applying for your initial license, send a copy of the certificate issued by the education provider to your licensure board (see link in the top box for your board information). Do not send your certificate to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, HIV/AIDS Branch.

When applying for license renewal, contact your board for its requirements for submitting proof.

For information or clarification concerning CEUs and requirements of your licensure board, please contact the appropriate board. 

If you still have questions about the list of approved HIV/AIDS courses after reading these instructions and those included on the first page of the list, please email Greg Lee.

Course Provider Application

To become a course provider and submit an HIV/AIDS course for review and authentication under the provisions or KRS 214.610/615/620, please complete the application linked below, save it to your hard drive and return it by email as instructed within the document. Paper submissions are not accepted.  Courses also are not accepted without a completed application.

Courses must be approved by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services before they can be used to satisfy licensure requirements.

Provider Application for HIV/AIDS Course Approval (pdf, 903k)

Professional Schools with Approved Curricula

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services also reviews and determines if the HIV/AIDS content of professional schools meets KRS requirements. Schools with qualifying curricula are listed by the Cabinet. If an applicant has graduated within two years (five years for physicians who have been in a residency program throughout the interim) prior to application from a professional school listed below, and the school is listed for the year of graduation, applicants are deemed to have met the HIV/AIDS requirement and will not have to complete a separate course.

To have a curriculum survey sent to your school before you graduate, please email for instructions. Allow at least one month for processing after your school responds. CHFS does not review curricula for students who have already graduated.

The links below show which professional schools offer approved curricula:

Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling Workshops

Kentucky law requires HIV test counselors to be trained in the Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling. Attendance is limited for these full-day workshops. To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Complete this survey.
  2. Create an account on KY.TRAIN.org if you don't already have one.
  3. Take the online prerequisite course #1021131 on KY.TRAIN (3.6 hours).
  4. Take the online prerequisite course #1054132 on KY.TRAIN (3.0 hours).
  5. Find a workshop in your area and register.

Training on the use of rapid HIV tests involves taking the appropriate KY.TRAIN module listed below. These modules require that you successfully run a set of rapid test kit controls in the presence of your testing supervisor. Ask which type of rapid test your agency is using to determine which module you will need.

  • Clearview Rapid HIV Test Web-Based Training 1052459
  • OraQuick Rapid HIV Test Web-Based Training 1052460


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