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HIV Prevention Program

Basics on HIV Prevention
Get Tested for HIV

Each county health department in Kentucky now offers rapid screening for HIV with results available in 15-20 minutes. Several community-based organizations and health centers also offer rapid HIV testing.

Complete list of rapid HIV testing sites in Kentucky.

For more information about HIV tests, see the NIH AIDSinfo page.

Condom Distribution

The Kentucky Department for Public Health contracts with several agencies to provide condom distribution:

AVOL (AIDS Volunteers, Inc.)
225 Walton Ave., Suite 110.
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 225-3000

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department
650 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 288-2437

Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
7201 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40228
(502) 574-6699

North Central Area Health Education Center
498 Georgetown St. Suite 106
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
(859) 281-6086

Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department
2388 Grandview Drive, Building A
Fort Mitchell, KY 41047
(859) 578-7660

Volunteers of America Mid-States
1436 South Shelby Street
Louisville, KY 40217
(502) 635-4511

Agency Training on HIV Testing

Kentucky law requires HIV test counselors to be trained in the Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling. Space is limited in these full-day workshops. To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Complete this survey.
  2. Create an account on if you don't already have one.
  3. Take the online prerequisite course #1021131 on KY.TRAIN (3.6 hours).
  4. Take the online prerequisite course #1054132 on KY.TRAIN (3.0 hours).
  5. Find a workshop in your area and register.

Training on the use of rapid HIV tests involves taking the appropriate KY.TRAIN module listed below. These modules require that you successfully run a set of rapid test kit controls in the presence of your testing supervisor. Ask which type of rapid test your agency is using to determine which module you will need.

"Rapid-Rapid" HIV Testing Protocol

Nonclinical Kentucky HIV test sites can now test all clients with rapid HIV antibody tests.  Those with negative tests are considered as antibody-negative and no additional antibody testing would be required at that time.  Those with reactive results from the rapid test can be tested immediately with an additional brand of rapid test that is less sensitive than the initial rapid test.  Clients receiving reactive results from both rapid tests are almost certainly infected with HIV and can be promptly linked to an HIV care provider without waiting days or weeks for a confirmatory test.

This testing approach is for nonclinical settings such as harm reduction/syringe exchange programs, community-based organizations, outreach testing efforts, and field testing.  This algorithm has NOT been approved for use in clinical settings.

Download Kentucky Public Health's "Implementing Rapid-Rapid HIV Testing in Nonclinical Settings" here.

Kentucky Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange Program

In direct response to Senate Bill 192 enacted during the 2015 regular legislative session, the Kentucky Department for Public Health has published guidelines for local health departments implementing Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange Programs (HRSEP).

SB 192 impacts KRS 218A.500/510 


Kentucky's New HIV Hotline

Kentucky HIV Hotline 844-294-2448


24 Hours

Staffed by healthcare professionals

Free to public


Harm Reduction / Syringe Exchange Programs in Kentucky

The following counties now operate syringe exchange programs:

Boyd (606) 329-9444
Carter (606) 474-5100
Clark (859) 744-4482
Fayette (859) 252-2371
Franklin (502) 564-4269
Grant (859) 824-5074
Harrison (859) 234-2842
Jefferson (502) 574-6530
Jessamine (859) 885-4149
Knox (606) 546-5919
Mason (606) 564-9447
Mercer (859) 734-4522
Pendleton (859) 654-6985
Pike (606) 437-5500


Last Updated 8/1/2016