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Annual Immunization School and Childcare Survey

Pursuant to 902 KAR 2:055, daycare centers, Head start programs, kindergartens and public and private elementary and secondary schools shall submit to their local health departments immunization results on the Commonwealth of Kentucky School/Facility Annual Immunization Survey.

Data Collection

The annual School Immunization Survey is a way the Kentucky Immunization Program is able to assess the vaccination coverage at the county level while also identifying gaps, or needs. We survey three different age groups; 

to determine our vaccination rates for the commonwealth and report these numbers to the CDC each spring. Please see the latest version of the MMWR (Aug. 2, 2013, Vol 62/No. 30) for our 2012-2013 report to CDC for Kentucky’s vaccination coverage among children in kindergarten. 

Survey materials are distributed the first week of August each year to all local health departments. A list of schools and childcare facilities, compiled from the Department of Education and Office of Inspector General websites are provided to individual county contacts as part of the survey materials. County contacts are responsible for distributing the materials to schools/facilities during the month of August and can answer questions as they arise.

The survey is to be completed using the worksheet as an aid. All data entered on a survey is taken from children’s immunization certificates on file. The worksheets are not required to be submitted with the completed survey; however, we strongly recommend sending them in for staff at the central office to check your methodology. We systematically go through each worksheet to make sure exemptions are accurately counted, antigen totals are correct and birthdates coincide with the ACIP recommended vaccine schedule. Schools/facilities that don't send in their worksheets may be contacted for further information about or clarification of the data submitted on the survey.

Once surveys are completed by a school or childcare facility, they are asked to return them to the local health department. All completed survey materials are due to the Frankfort office by Dec. 31.


Last Updated 8/16/2016