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The Kentucky Electronic Public Health Record System (KY-EPHRS) is an Internet-based, centralized public health data repository health care professionals can use to record public health data for Kentucky's 4 million residents. The network was developed to implement and analyze public health programs and comply with state and federal public health reporting requirements.

Security technologies such as secure socket layer and role-based access are used to protect confidential information and ensure patient privacy.
This secure network was funded by a number of federal grants and is currently used to conduct disease surveillance and reporting using the Disease Surveillance Module (DSM). 
The KY-EPHRS staff also supports the Health Alert Network (HAN), an Internet-based system currently used by local officials to alert emergency personnel in the event of a terrorist attack, a possible infectious disease outbreak, natural disaster or other health emergency. HAN also is integrated with the DSM to promptly notify state and local personnel for various disease conditions and outbreaks across the state as monitored by the DSM.

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