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KY Medicaid Waiver Management Application Page

Welcome to the Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA) Information page. This page will serve as a one-stop resource for the latest information related to the MWMA project and its implementation.

More information:

Please be sure to visit this page periodically as content will be updated on an ongoing basis.

What's New

Attention Case Management Agencies

As you are aware, all waiver regulations now mandate the use of the Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA). All new waiver applications, level of care requests and plan of care requests must be submitted through MWMA. Paper or verbal processes are no longer accepted.

To support this transition, the commonwealth provided additional materials and training opportunities over the past several months.

For more information, please read the Mandatory MWMA Communication.

Webinar for Case Managers

MWMA Case Management Webinar

MWMA Classroom Training Sign Ups

Breaking News: MWMA Classroom Registration for Case Management is Open
This training is for case management only. Registration for training occurs in TRIS. Access the TRIS calendar and select your appropriate class. When logging into TRIS please note that most usernames are firstname.lastname and the password is medicaid1. For questions with TRIS registration, send an email to the MWMA Mailbox.

Read the MWMA Class Registration Information

Attention MWMA Case Managers and Case Manager Supervisors:

The Division of Community Alternatives, Department for Medicaid Services, has arranged for two MWMA training sessions on Oct. 6, 2016. The training is an entry level training for case managers, (CM) and case manager supervisors (CMS). The sessions will cover basic navigation of MWMA, the dashboard and basic functions performed by CMs and CMSs. This training is not for individuals who have attended other MWMA trainings.

Each provider agency is invited to register for the training and have a will have a limit of two guests per agency. The deadline for registration for all on the wait list from the June and July sessions was Tuesday Sept. 21.  After which the training will be open to all entry level CMs and CMSs until the seating capacity if full.

Please see the MWMA Provider Training Registration letter for instructions for registration and TRIS access.

MWMA transition

(Aug. 24, 2016) - Read the Suspension of the Direct Service Provider Use announcement.

MWMA Provider Support for new and existing users

Update: Please view the Aug. 8 and 9 Wavier Documentation Training Webinar announcement and the MWMA Provider Training Registration letter for June and July 2016.

As a reminder, several of our waivers are using the MWMA system. The Michelle P. Waiver will begin effective June 3, 2016.

For your assistance, additional information regarding MWMA can be found here. You will find onboarding tip sheets, frequently asked questions, job aids, and additional resources. Web-based training also is available. If you do not currently have access to the web-based training, you may request it by sending an email to the MWMA mailbox.

DMS will offer additional training at the end of June and early July. Further communication about this training will be sent at a later date.

If you have any issues with MWMA, the Contact Center representatives are available Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time and can be reached at 1-800-635-2570. (After the DMS welcome message plays, press 1, 6 and 2 to be transferred directly to the MWMA Contact Center.) If the Contact Center can't immediately fix an issue, a ticket is created and escalated to the MWMA production support team.

Attention Medicaid Waiver Providers

Update: Please view the Aug. 8 and 9 Wavier Documentation Training Webinar announcement and the MWMA Provider Training_Registration letter for June and July 2016

Please read the provider communications listed below regarding the updates to the MWMA effective Feb. 29, 2016. There are tip sheets, job aids and web-based training available to help you understand how to use the system. Please review those to familiarize yourself with the system. If those do not answer your questions or you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the call center at the number listed below.

Read the:

New MWMA Training Materials Now Available: Training materials covering both revised and new system functionality are now available on the MWMA Training Portal. Materials include the MWMA User Guide, job aids, tip sheets and the web-based training courses. As a reminder, individuals must be registered TRIS users to access the training portal. Access to the Training Portal can be requested by sending your name and email address to the MWMA mailbox.

Assistance with MWMA: If you are encountering technical issues, system error messages, or has general questions about MWMA, please contact the MWMA/Partner Portal Contact Center. Representatives are available Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and can be reached by email or phone at 1-800-635-2570. (After the DMS welcome message plays, press 1, 6 and 2 to be transferred directly to the MWMA Contact Center.)

Training Materials on the Plan of Care (POC) Modification Process is Now Available on the MWMA Training Portal

(Sept. 23, 2015) - Version 5 of the MWMA User Guide includes new guidance on the plan of care (POC) modification process in addition to the following updates

  • Section 6: Performing a Level of Care (LOC) Assessment
  • Section 11: Performing a Level of Care (LOC) Reassessment

A new job aid on the plan of care (POC) modification process is also available on the Portal.

MWMA users who do not have access to the MWMA Training Portal can request access by sending an email to the MWMA mailbox.

MWMA Transition Extension Announcement

(July 24, 2015) - Read the MWMA Transition Extension Announcement

MWMA Go-Live Announcement

Read the MWMA Go-Live Announcement

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Medicaid Waiver Management Application Overview

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) continues to improve the existing Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) programs. To guide these improvements, CHFS has identified seven improvement objectives:

  1. Streamline how individuals and authorized representatives access and apply for services (i.e., no wrong door).
  2. Provide a portal for individuals and or their representatives to access their info review and approve timesheets electronically.
  3. Ensure the right people are being enrolled in the right programs.
  4. Once enrolled, ensure individuals are receiving the services they need.
  5. Optimize the sharing of information about individual care needs among authorized direct providers thereby reducing paperwork.
  6. Allow for more timely authorization of services and eliminate faxing.
  7. Implement the final rules issued by CMS for HCBS Waiver Programs.

Several initiatives are underway to meet these objectives. One such initiative is the implementation of the Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA) which includes system functionality that will evolve over time. The application will be available to users in three phases:

  1. The first release (planned for April 17) of the application will be used exclusively by case managers, quality improvement organization staff and CHFS staff. This release addresses key objectives to ensure the appropriate individuals are enrolled in HCB waiver programs and receiving the right services.
  2. The second release (planned for December 2015) will give direct service providers the ability to access MWMA, view level-of-care and plan-of-care details and enter and submit incident reports (provider portal). In addition, this release will add functionality to support participant-directed services.
  3. As part of the commonwealth's long-term vision, MWMA will integrate with the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) offering authorized case managers and service providers greater access to share health information for individuals they serve.

MWMA will not eliminate the need for an electronic health record system, include billing services to submit claims to CHFS for payment or eliminate the need for those agency system capabilities. MWMA supports the No Wrong Door concept by allowing those involved in an individual's care the ability to see the identified service needs (case plans, prior authorization, etc.) and supporting documents. The KHIE interface will allow vital health information to be shared to promote effective patient care. The goal is to allow providers to share documents and structured data using the KHIE by 2016.

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Learn More about MWMA

For more information on MWMA, please be sure to check out the MWMA Information Bulletin, a periodical dedicated to providing updates on the MWMA project and what case managers and other users can expect when the system goes live in April. Past bulletin topics include:

In addition to the Information Bulletins, the MWMA Resources tab offers important information on the MWMA implementation.

For additional questions, please email the MWMA mailbox.

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Access to MWMA

Sign into MWMA

Note: You must already have an MWMA username and password to access the system using this link. If you do not have access, please contact your organization administrator.

If you have additional questions, please call the contact center at 800-635-2570. Follow the prompts to the MWMA Service Team

Disclaimer: Submitting information through the MWMA starts a prescreening to review if an individual may be eligible for a waiver program. Only those individuals who meet the prescreening criteria will go on to a formal application.


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