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Nurse Aide Training (NAT) Information

Workshops and Updates

Workshops for 2014

St. Elizabeth Medical Center 2014 Methods of Instruction (MOI) Dates:

  • Jan. 13-14
  • May 8-9
  • July 28-29

Workshops for 2013

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Workshops for 2012

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Important changes as of March 1, 2011 - Based on the majority of responses to the Blood Pressure survey, the requirement will be changed from within 6mm to within 4mm on the systolic and within 4mm on the diastolic.

Study Guides were changed and uploaded to the web on 3/1/2011. Please be aware that any study guides ordered prior to 3/1/2011 will have the 6mm requirement.

Please prepare your evaluators for this change. Also, test takers that started a course prior to 3/1/2011 will be in possession of a study guide that indicates the requirement is within 6mm. During this transition, please be vigilant in communicating this change when scheduling individuals and facilities for testing.

Attention - The Department of Medicaid Services and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) have recently received phone calls from several individuals who have taken home study courses to become a nurse aide and would like to have the state competency examination administered to them. Please note that only students who have completed Kentucky's nurse aide training program are eligible to take the Kentucky state competency examination.

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What is a Nurse Aide

A "Nurse Aide" is an individual who has successfully completed the nurse aid training and competency evaluation program and may include

  • a nursing student
  • medication aide
  • a person employed through a nursing pool who provides nursing or nursing-related services to a resident in a nursing facility, excluding:
    • An individual who is a licensed health professional
    • A volunteer who provides the nursing or nursing-related services without monetary compensation
    • A person who is hired by the resident or family to sit with the resident and who does not perform nursing or nursing-related services.

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Course Requirements and Training Info

Course Requirements

The basic course consist of a minimum of seventy-five (75) hours with a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of supervised practical training. Supervised practical training means training in a laboratory or other setting in which the trainee demonstrates knowledge while performing task on an individual under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

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Training Information

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Final Examination and Competency Evaluation

KCTCS has responsibility for the final written or oral examination and the skill demonstration aspect of the competency evaluation.

Final Examination

The written and skills demonstration final examinations are usually held at area technical schools, KCTCS or health occupation schools. For more information about the final examination, refer to the Testing Procedures Manual and Study Guide.

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Competency Evaluation

In order for the Commonwealth to assure that only individuals eligible to work and that have successfully completed the CEP shall be listed on the nurse aide registry. Test candidates shall present to the competency evaluation proctor the following documents to verify employability in the USA:

  • Unexpired State or Federal issued photo identification
  • A United States Social Security card that is not laminated
  • If the Social Security Card has "Not valid for employment without Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorization" or a similar statement on it, an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) issued by the US Department of Homeland Security
  • All personal documents shall identify the individual's same full name to include middle initial and shall be the same on each personal document

Note: Individuals who have completed training in another state but have not taken that states CEP and wish to work in Kentucky must return to the state where they received training to be tested. Only students that have successfully completed the 75 hour Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide Training Program will be allowed to take Kentucky's CEP examination.

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The department, through an interagency agreement with the Kentucky Board of Nursing, shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a registry of all nurse aides who have:

(a)Successfully completed a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program which meets the requirement of 42 CFR 483.152 or 483.154, or

(b) Been granted an exception pursuant to 42 C.F.R. 483.150(c).

(2) A finding of resident or patient neglect, abuse, or misappropriation of resident or patient property by a nurse aide shall be maintained on an abuse registry pursuant to 906 KAR 1:100.

Nurse Aide Registry Validation Information

For more information on the registry, contact the KY Board of Nursing at (502) 429-3300 or (888) 530-1919.

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How do I stay Active?

A nursing facility shall provide and document that at least twelve (12) hours of ongoing staff development training is given annually to each nurse aide who:

  • Is employed by the facility; and
  • Has satisfactorily completed the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program.

Note: The nurse aide registry shall renew a nurse aides' registration at least once every twenty-four (24) months. Registration shall be denied if the nurse aide has not worked eight (8) hours for compensation for twenty-four (24) consecutive months or longer.

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A nurse aide whose name is on another State's Nurse Aid Registry may be granted reciprocity in Kentucky. The individual may be deemed competent for employment in a nursing facility based upon written verification from the agency that maintains the involved State's Nurse Aide Registry.

This verification shall include the

  • aide's name
  • social security number or other identification number
  • the date the name was placed on the registry and
  • any documented findings pertaining to the individual

In addition an employment record shall be provided to the registry to verify that twenty-four (24) months have not expired since they worked for pay as an aide. Reciprocity shall not be granted for anyone who has a validated complaint which is documented on a registry.

For more information on reciprocity, contact the KY Nurse Aid Registry at (888) 530-1919.

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