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Elder Abuse Awareness

Elder abuse is often a silent crime. Most of us never see it because most victims are abused behind closed doors by their own family members. And, too often, people who do see it choose not to get involved because it’s “none of my business.”

Elder abuse is a crime that knows no boundaries. Elder Abuse can occur anywhere, anytime; it can affect all races, religions, ethnicities, cultures, and socio economic groups. It can occur in community settings such as private homes or in an institutional setting. The definition of abuse varies and mandatory reporting laws vary from state to state.  There is no uniform reporting system; therefore cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation often go undetected each year. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, The New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study found that for every case known to programs and agencies 24 were unknown. 

You Have A Responsibility

Kentucky is a mandatory reporting state. (Reference KRS 209.030)

If you suspect elder abuse, you are legally required to report it.  You can report abuse at the 24 hour toll free hotlines at 1-877-597-2331 or 1-800-752-6200.  Calls can be made anonymously.

During State Fiscal Year 2015, the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services received 30,037 calls for reports concerning adults 60 years and older.  Those calls were screened and 12,618 met acceptance criteria for an adult protective services investigation under KRS 209.

This site includes:

  • Lists of the signs of abuse so you can learn to recognize it when you see it;
  • Statistics so you can get an idea of the scope of the problem;
  • News releases so you can see what the state is doing about it;
  • Real case histories that you can use for group discussions; and
  • Posters and publications that you can print to inform others of this mostly invisible crime.

Remember, each time an older person is neglected, abused or killed, society loses the sum of a life that included:

  • The courage gained from overcoming personal hardships and handicaps;
  • The strength earned by surviving sorrows and overcoming fears; and
  • The wisdom achieved through experience and compassion.

Please become a positive difference in the lives of older people and their families.



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Elder Abuse Prevention with William Mapother.

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