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Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP)

SNAP is the Special Needs Adoption Program in the Department for Community Based Services that operates statewide to recruit families to adopt and/or foster Kentucky's waiting children.

SNAP was started in 1979 in response to the increasing number of children who were spending too long in foster care without the benefit of a permanent, adoptive home. At that time, it was believed that older children with special needs were unadoptable. Through a variety of methods, including the media, families across Kentucky have been made aware of the tremendous need for foster and adoptive homes - and Kentucky's families have responded. Since its inception, SNAP has been involved in the adoptive placement of more than 2,500 special needs children.

Working together with the Recruitment and Certification teams (R and C workers) in Kentucky's nine DCBS service regions, interested families are recruited and helped to prepare to adopt and/or foster children with no permanent home. The R and C teams in every county include a social worker who helps approve and prepare families for fostering and adopting. R and C workers are trained to work in partnership with families and waiting children to make sure everyone involved understands their rights, obligations, responsibilities and the resources and assistance available to them.

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Help and information is never more than a phone call away.

Toll Free Numbers:
1-800-928-4303 and 1-800-432-9346

Frankfort Office:
(502) 564-2147

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
DCBS/Adoption Branch
275 E. Main Street, 3 C-E
Frankfort, KY 40621


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