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KICCS Child Care Provider Portal

Fall isn’t the only change in the air. 

Visit the Child Care Council of Kentucky website to view child care regulation changes, contact information and other available resources.

How to Become a Portal Provider

Steps and Tips

  • Print and follow the instructions on the Portal User Agreement Form.pdf
  • Complete the online request. Write and store in a secure location the following:
    • Password
    • 4-digit PIN
    • Security question/answer
    • Request number
  • Send the signed form, a copy of your driver's license and a printout of your request confirmation to the address below.


If you do not send the signed form and drivers license, your request will be denied.


Send by fax to:
Division of Child Care
Attn: Provider Portal Administrator
(502) 564-3464

Send scanned documents by e-mail to:
In the e-mail subject line, type New Account Request and your CLR number.

System Requirements

To optimize use of the Provider Portal, you must have:

  • An e-mail account
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Adobe or other PDF document reader

Your monitor's display resolution should be set to 1024 x 768.


KICCS Provider Portal Access

Log in to the KICCS Provider Portal

I need help - Who to call for specific user issues

Not sure who to call? Contact the KICCS HelpDesk


Last Updated 4/2/2014
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