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Statewide KinCare Steering Committee

More than 75,000 children in Kentucky live with their grandparents, and many of them attend Kentucky schools. The Statewide KinCare Steering Committee helps grandparents and other relative caregivers identify unmet needs and access available services to help them better function as caregivers.

The Statewide KinCare Steering Committee, as an advocate for relative caregivers, advises the Cabinet for Health and Family Services about the needs of grandparents and other relative caregivers and recommends ways to address those needs. 

The steering committee is made up of representatives of state agencies, private social services agencies, consumers and program and service providers. Committee members represent the program at conferences and workshops and present proposed legislation affecting caregivers. Meetings are held quarterly. 

Contact the Department for Aging and Independent Living at (502) 564-6930 for meeting information.

The goals of the KinCare Program are to:

  1. Provide a single source of information and assistance for relatives raising younger family members;
  2. Establish support groups for grandparents and other caregivers of children; and
  3. Advocate for statutory, regulatory and policy changes and initiatives to help relative caregivers succeed as caregivers.

The KinCare Program aims to help clients address challenges and overcome barriers they face as relative child caregivers. Most caregiver support groups meet regularly to discuss issues of interest and concern, like the kinship care financial assistance program, and exchange valuable information and expertise through presentations by representatives of local provider agencies. 

Most local support groups survey members' needs and help with referrals to agencies and organizations providing the services and resources they need. Education concerns and legal assistance are among the subject areas for which help is most often requested. 

The KinCare Program currently includes nearly 50 support groups around the state with others forming.

For more information about local support groups in your community, contact the Department for Aging and Independent Living at (502) 564-6930.


Last Updated 3/30/2009
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