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Named anchors, or bookmarks, are locations within a page that can be linked to.  By providing a link to a named anchor, the user can jump directly to a referenced point on a page with one click of the mouse.  A common use of named anchors is to direct users to answers to

 frequently asked questions (FAQs). In this example, named anchors are located at the beginning of each answer and questions are linked to

This is a new subtopic


their corresponding answers.  This CMS code inserts the text “THIS IS A NAMED ANCHOR” at each anchor location which can only be seen in edit mode to assist the site editor and prevent accidental deletion while editing.  This text is not seen when the page goes to live production.

  1. This is display text
  2. Visit our website
  3. Contact Lisa

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Instructions for CMS Site Editors

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Heading One - for relative content and floating content boxes

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Emphasis1 box for temporary text like announcements, emergency alerts, etc. The emphasized text continues until a closed P tag is entered

This is an emphasized link. Same code as emphasized box but the emphasis code is added to the A tag.

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Tips, standards, site governance, training and other helpful resources for site editors and site users.

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Market Research for CHFS Internet
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