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Council Members and Staff

Council Members

The council has 26 members, 16 of whom are appointed by the governor. Ten members represent state agencies and 16 are individuals with developmental disabilities or guardians and family members of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Consumer Members

Marie Braun- Covington
Stephanie Sharpe-  Owensboro
Oyo Fummilayo- Nicholasville
Donna Sue Koons- Ashland
Tina Jackson Louisa                                              

Sherry Sanders - Somerset
Joe Cowan- Chair, Monticello                                             

Julia Steinman- Lexington                                       

Consumer Representative Members                                                                 

Virginia "Missy" McKiernan,Vice-Chair Louisville
Melanie Tyner-Wilson, Lexington
Dina Nelson, Erlanger
Eric Wright, Louisville
David Minor, Ashland
Debi McMurray, Shelbyville

State Agency Representatives and Designees

Marsha Hockensmith/Jeff Edwards - Division of Protection and Advocacy
David Beach/Dave Matheis - Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation
Harold Kleinert - University Center of Excellence 
Chris Smith/Allison Jesse- Office for the Blind
Steve Davis, M.D./Sandy Fawbush- Dept for Public Health
Johnny Collett/ Christel Hockensmith- Dept. of Education
Stephen Hall /Claudia Johnson - Dept. Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
Deborah Anderson/ Brian Booisseau- Dept. for Aging and Independent Living
Margaret Reed/ARC of Kentucky- Non-profit Organization
Lawrence Kissner/Lynn Flynn- Dept. for Medicaid Services


Pat Seybold, Executive Director
Raymond Anderson, Internal Policy Analyst
Adam Jones, Program Administrator
Shelley Runkle, Program Coordinator
Carol Tudor, Program Coordinator
Marylee Underwood- Public Policy Analyst
Tim Moore- Receptionist
Anna Cameron- Receptionist


Last Updated 10/3/2013