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KCDD February 2004 Meeting Minutes


FEBRUARY 11, 2004



MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bethaney Adams, Diana Berry, Marie Braun, Dave Matheis, Diana Chism, Beth Cross, Jeff Edwards, Debbie Gilbert, Regina Graddy, Stephanie Gulley, Elbirda Haley, Harold Kleinert, Michael Lyons, Wanda Propes, Claudia Johnson, Gayle Rees, Chastity Ross, Donna Collins and Linda Williams

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Preston Lewis, Paula Jackson, Chris Kramer, Michelle Skillman, and Holly Smith

STAFF:  Pat Seybold, Vicki Goins, Adam Jones, Patty Martorano, Wilma Cox and Shelley Runkle

GUESTS:  Jeannie Lione, Department for the Blind, Sheila Davis, Department for Medicaid Services, and Roberta Emmittee

Call to Order:  Diana Berry, Chair, called to order the meeting at 1:30p.m.

Conflict of Interest:  None noted.

Introductions:  Everyone introduced himself or herself. Welcomed two (2) new members: Regina Graddy, Consumer Representative from Paducah, Kentucky and Michael Lyons, Consumer, from Louisville, Kentucky. Graddy replaced Melanie Cole and Lyons replaced Cathy Jo Edwards.

Proxy Announcements:  None noted.

Additions to Agenda:  None noted.

Approval of November 18, 2003 minutes:  ROSS/BRAUN made motion to approve November 18, 2003 minutes.  MOTION PASSED.

CHAIR REPORT:  Diana Berry

Legislative Events:  Berry reported the 874K Legislative Rally was held on January 14, 2004 at the Capitol Rotunda and was very successful. Governor Fletcher signed a proclamation declaring January 14 Disabilities Awareness Day.
Council’s Annual legislative breakfast was a larger success than the previous year. Twenty-five legislatures were in attendance.
Adams explained and updated the Council on the status of HB71. All members were encouraged to attend the reading and vote of the bill in the House of Representatives the next day.

Miscellaneous: Berry announced that she attended the Kentucky for Better Transportation Conference in Frankfort. Asked Council if they would consider becoming a member of KBT and having a seat on their Board. Referred to Public Policy Committee.

Berry updated the Council on the proposed increment for Seybold. All requests were denied.

Information on Leadership Kentucky was presented. There is currently no representation for individuals with disabilities.

Director’s Report:  Patricia Seybold

NACCD:  Seybold gave update on federal ADD budget 2005. Level funding is expected. 
2004 NACCD Conference will be held in Kentucky, October 3-5, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington. Preliminary meetings and decisions are underway with the first program planning conference call on Wednesday, February 18 at 12:00 noon. Council members were encouraged to attend the call.

Listservs:  Many problems were arising with current listservs. Arrangements are being made with a state government sponsored site ( which offers tech support to set up new listservs.

Miscellaneous: Seybold introduced the new member of staff, Shelley Runkle. Seybold also noted Adam Jones’s birthday.

Seybold read a letter from David Hanna of Medicaid Services thanking the Council for support and contacts given by the Council for HB501 committee.
Seybold read another letter of thanks via e-mail from former Council member, Charles Wade, thanking the Education Team for their help and support with Secondary Education.

Website:  Capwiz is up and running. An agreement has been signed between the Cabinet of Health Services and KCDD for control over website management.

Membership Committee: Chastity Ross
Committee will be replacing four members. The committee needs to meet and review applications after Full Council Meeting.

Ross also reported the Orientation Manual has been completed. The Orientation Meeting would be held on Friday, February 12 at 1:00p.m.

Council Affairs:  Chastity Ross
Ross announced new officers for this committee which were: Ross, Chair; Kramer, Vice-Chair.

Discussion:  The Committee discussed the flow of the meeting and individuals understanding what is going on during the meeting. Also discussed adequate discussion time during Council meetings to promote comprehension of issues for all Council members.
All motions will be written before voting to ensure members understanding. Caucuses will be held the night before each Full Council Meeting to discuss the upcoming agenda and answer any questions a Council Member may have regarding the agenda items.

Conflict of Interest: Council discussed the Conflict of Interest Policy. Meeting was suspended to allow members to read over the new policy. KLEINERT/LYONS made a motion to accept the policy.  MOTION PASSED.

Executive Director’s Annual Evaluation- Table until next meeting.

ROSS/KLEINERT made a motion to approve the Council Affairs Report and recommendation tabling Executive Director’s evaluation. MOTION PASSED.

Discussion: Council discussed member attendance to NACDD Conference in Washington, DC coming in June. REES/JOHNSON made motion to include no more than four members to attend the National Conference, including two new members and Chair. If two new members do not attend, those positions are dropped. KLEINERT offered amendment which stated “members” included consumers or consumer representatives only, state agencies are excluded. MOTION PASSED.

HALEY/ADAMS offered an amendment to send no more than three members including one new member, Chair, and one senior  member. If new member does not attend any other consumer/consumer representative may fill position. MOTION DENIED.

Public Policy:  Adams has replaced Haley.
Adams gave an update on HB71. It was scheduled for a reading the next day, Thursday, February 12. All Council members were encouraged to go. Capwiz was reported up and running on the KCDD website. An update on HB260 was given along with an introduction given by Kleinert earlier in the meeting.

State Agencies

1. MH/MR- Claudia Johnson
Supports for Community Living allocations August 15, 2002 through February 10, 2004 totaled 750. 361 of those are in payment status, 109 have declined the funding, 46 have had their funding terminated, 4 are deceased, 148 are actively working with a provider to develop supports, and 82 are in the process of locating a provider.

There are currently 2255 people receiving services in the SCL program and 2123 people on the waiting list.

The governor's proposed budget for the next biennium includes an additional 225 allocations for SCL funding: 75 in FY '04-'05, and 150 in FY '05-'06. 

DMH/MR is awaiting the appointment of a new commissioner since Margaret Pennington's retirement. Kelly Ranvier-Durham is our interim commissioner.

2. Education- Preston Lewis- No report given.

3. Medicaid- Sheila Davis reported for David Hanna

Medicaid Services is under new administration. Russ Finley has been chosen as the new Commissioner.   Independence Plus has moved to the Senate. Medicaid Services is applying for the Robert Johnson Grant and involved with Cash and Counseling which is being headed by David Hanna. They are hoping manage the deficit not by making cuts but by making programs more “in tune” with modern health care needs and systems.  The agency is still awaiting Gov. Fletcher’s new Medicaid Plan.

4. Dept. of  the Blind- Jeannie Lione reported for Beth Cross

The department has been focusing on Transition Services. Currently in the process of developing a mentoring program for students. Cooperative agreements have been finished with Higher Education.
5. Dept. for Public Health- Diane Chism 

The department reported growth with help from several new grants. Chism gave updates on all current programs and information on a few new projects.   

6. Office of Aging- Donna Collins

The agency has been placed under the Cabinet for Health Services due to Governor Fletcher’s re-organization. They have been asked to cut their budget by 2.5% with no decision for implementation. This cut will most likely affect adult daycare, homecare and PCAP. Services are expected to decrease in the years 2005 and 2006. Currently involved with Obesity Grant along with Public Health by representing the elderly. Also involved with the Cash and Counseling Project.
7. Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation - Dave Matheis

 The Department will be one of several departments (Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment Services, Training and Re-employment, Department for the Blind) that will be rolled into the new Department of Workforce Investment under the Education Cabinet in the Governor’s reorganization plan.  All of these agencies will lose their department status and will probably become ‘offices.’
 The Department is essentially still under a hiring freeze, as is all of state government, although we were recently given permission to fill some positions considered essential including an LPN at our rehab center in Thelma, an interpreter for the deaf in Louisville, and a couple of rehabilitation counselors where we are experiencing some real shortages.
 The budget cuts we have experienced and the ones proposed by the Governor could give us some trouble with what the federal government calls our ‘maintenance of effort.’  Under federal guidelines, our state contribution to the vocational rehabilitation program must at least equal that of two years earlier.  If it falls below that, the state can be charged a penalty that would come out of its federal allotment.  Depending upon what budget is finally approved, we may fall under this category. As you can expect, a lot of states are in the same position.
 Briefly, to report on the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation, to which the Council has been a major contributor, loan applications are down slightly since the end of last year, but we are hoping they will pick back up as the winter is usually slow.  I should mention that KATLC has developed somewhat of a reputation as a model assistive technology loan program in the country.  In December, I gave two presentations at a national conference for loan programs in Washington, DC, and the program’s director recently traveled to South Carolina at RESNA’s expense to provide advice to their staff as they develop a new program.

UCE Update:  Inclusive Education update. Education Weekly, a nation publication included an article entitled Count Me In which highlighted a project funded by KCDD. Article was included in meeting book. Also gave update on other programs KCDD is funding.

Protection & Advocacy Report:  Jeff Edwards gave an update on legistlative bills that P&A were tracking. The bills discussed were:
 HB22- An act to retain the right to a trial by jury in a competency hearing conducted in a guardianship proceeding but allow the hearing to be held before the court without a jury if no jury trial is demanded.
HB107- An Act relating to Cig Tax/kid dental and some to MH, Medicaid.
 HB159- An Act relating to inspections of long-term care facilities.
 HB212- An Act relating to peace officers.
 HB269- An Act relating to child support.
 HB325- An Act relating to Boards and Commissions.
 SB44- An Act relating to inspections of long-term care facilities.
 SB59- An Act relating to the traumatic brain injury trust fund.
 SB64- An Act relating to jail inmates.
 SB113- An Act relating to the safety and well-being of students- harassment and bullying.

Non-Profit Update:  No report.

Olmstead Update:  Letter sent by Olmstead Chair requesting Braun replaces Ross as representative.

HIDI Project of National Significance Grant Update:  Propes attended a meeting last week in Elizabethtown. Conference was set for Peer Tutoring Advisory Board in Lexington on April 12-13, 2004. Program gives students a chance for earning college credits upon completion of student portfolio.

PWS Grant: Gilbert has heard nothing on grant and asked who to refer to for explanation.

Transportation: Seybold gave update on a meeting held with Representative Lee, Marsha VanHook, Adam Jones and herself reviewing the Committee’s mission and report submitted by the Martins School headed by Ed Jennings.  All parties expressed concerns with the progress of the Committee. All parties agreed and did not see the significance in the KCDD continuing with the Committee. Representative Lee showed much interest in the Transportation report and agreed to review and asked for a follow up meeting. He also showed interest in the Medicaid Buy-In Plan.


Budget Update: Vicki Goins referred to the budget published in meeting book. A few changes may be made in operating costs but bottom line should be unaffected. A cut of 2.5% will be taken from operating costs but not affect program/general funds.

ADJOURN: CHISM/BRAUN motion to adjourn at 4:00p.m. MOTION PASSED.








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