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August Full Meeting Minutes


August 12, 2004



MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bethaney Adams, Diana Berry, Marie Braun, Dave Matheis, Jeff Edwards, Debbie Gilbert, Stephanie Gulley, Elbirda Haley, Paula Jackson, Michael Lyons, Wanda Propes, Claudia Johnson, Michelle Skillman, Sheila Davis, Chastity Ross, Donna Collins and Linda Williams

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Chris Kramer, Diana Chism, Margaret Reed, Harold Klienert, Beth Cross, Holly Smith and Regina Graddy

STAFF:  Pat Seybold, Vicki Goins, Adam Jones, Patty Martorano and Shelley Runkle

GUEST:  Ron Harrison sat in for Harold Klienert.

Call to Order:  Diana Berry, Chair, called at 10:15 a.m.

Conflict of Interest:  None noted.

Introductions:  Everyone introduced himself or herself.  Harold Klienert sent Ron Harrison to sit in the meeting for him but did not send a designation letter; therefore, Mr. Harrison was unable to vote in Klienert’s place.

Additions to Agenda:  HALEY asked that the Council discuss where the Cabinet is in their plans for appointing new members.



Approval of May 13, 2004 minutes:  BRAUN/LYONS made motion to approve May 13, 2004 minutes.  MOTION PASSED.

Approval of February 13, 2004 amendments to meeting minutes: WILLIAMS/ROSS made motion to approve the amendments made to the February 2004 meeting minutes.  MOTION PASSED.

Chair Report:  Diana Berry


  • June 2004- SEYBOLD, BERRY, LYONS AND GRADDY attended a NACDD Conference in Washington DC.
    July 26, 2004- ADA Rally in Frankfort was a success.  ROSS, BRAUN, LYONS, and ADAMS attended.
  •  September, 2004- P&A is having an Assistive Technology Training in Frankfort.  EDWARDS encouraged anyone wanting details or more information to contact Maureen Fitzgerald of Public Advocacy.
  • October 2004 Transportation Conference- Virginia is hosting this year and has asked for a KY representative to speak at the conference. BERRY will work with Ed Jennings on KY’s transportation issues/ policies before attending.


  • Executive Director’s Evaluation- SEYBOLD scored high enough on her evaluation to receive two annual days.  BERRY offered Council members to view the results of the evaluation if they desired.
  • The Council received a letter from Sen. Scorsone on behalf of the Human Rights Commission.  BERRY read the letter aloud to the Council and asked members if they were interested in circulating the petition mentioned in the letter.  ROSS/ LYONS made a MOTION not to address the petition as a Council.  MOTION PASSED.
  • The Council also received a letter from Kentucky Disabilities Coalition (KDC). EDWARDS/ LYONS made a MOTION that the Council would send a letter of support and anyone who would like to volunteer could contact the KDC individually.  MOTION PASSED.
  • Council discussed the fact that Governor Fletcher had not appointed any new members to KCDD.  Council decided to send the Governor a letter explaining that KCDD was out of compliance with the ADA laws set for them.

Director’s Report:  Patricia Seybold

  • Seybold reported that the brochure with sister agencies, P&A and IHDI, is complete and has been published.  Copies have been sent to all Council members.  A collaborative website is underway.
  • The Medicaid Buy-In Grant finally went into effect August 10, 2004.
  •  KCDD’s video on Inclusive Education has been chosen to be translated into Arabic and sent to Iraq.  Seybold received this news from Commissioner Morrisey. 
  • MHMR has created an inter-department “Windows of Opportunity” project.  Copies of the plan are available to any member who would like to view it. 
  •  KCDD was asked by the University of Louisville to support a grant for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research for University of Louisville to become a rehabilitation research and training center along with the University of North Carolina.  A letter of support was signed and sent.

Membership Committee: Paula Jackson
Jackson presented the Council with the new slate of officers. Nominations were:   

Chair- Chastity Ross 

Vice Chair- Wanda Propes  

State Agency Representative- Donna Collins

Council Affairs:  Chastity Ross

  • Executive Director’s Annual Evaluation:  BERRY sent a letter to the Governor’s office requesting an increase in the Executive Director’s salary and additional vacation time be given based on the evaluation results.  The Governor’s office declined these requests.  BERRY will be notifying NACDD of the Governor’s denial.

Bylaws:  Approving an addition to the bylaws under “Qualifications of Officers” has been tabled until the November meeting.  (pg. 68, #2 in meeting book)

Public Policy:  Bethaney Adams

  • Adams referred the Council to May’s meeting minutes.  An e-mail vote was taken to decide on whether KCDD would be participating with Kentuckians for Better Transportation on HB71.  By vote, it was decided that staff would attend a meeting to access the benefits of participation.
  • Legislative events for next year were decided.  KCDD will give 1,000 dollars to the 874k event and we will again host the annual legislative breakfast.
  • HB71 was signed into law by Governor Ernie Fletcher and the law became effective July 13, 2004.  Copies of the bill were passed among Council members.
  • During the July planning meeting, the committee collaborated with the Center for Accessible Living for a plan of action for public awareness and PR for HB71.
  • Areas of Emphasis for the Council.  Points of interest were decided and will be discussed at the Public Policy meeting Friday, August 13, 2004.
  • David Allgood from Assisted Living attended the July 13 meeting and will be collaborating with KCDD to bring awareness and enforcement to the new HB71.  Two Council members were appointed to assist with media packets and brochures. 
  • July 15, there was a criminal justice meeting with Patty Dempsey, Marsha Hockensmith and Rita Ruggles from Public Health to look into the issues within the criminal justice field with individuals with disabilities.


HALEY/ROSS made MOTION to accept the report.  MOTION PASSED.


 Employment-- Matheis
 Matheis reported that progress continues successfully.

 Health-- Harrison reported for Klienert.
The virtual models for the College of Dentistry have begun design and  will be ready for implementation in the Fall of 2004.
 Education-- Gilbert
 The Education Inclusion project is continuing into its   third year.
A new preschool project is awaiting approval from the Cabinet for Health Services at this time and Gilbert also noted that Regina Graddy would be the new team leader for Education.

Quality Assurance-- Berry
Berry reported that Q&A was developing a new goal for an in-house project for individual self-advocacy.  A new RFP is being developed at this time.

State Agencies:

  • MH/MR-- Claudia Johnson
    -Johnson reported that there is a new Deputy Commissioner for MH/MR. Her name is Linda Harney.
    -Mental Health and Substance Abuse have been combined together.
    -Betsy Dunnigan has been named the new Director of Mental Retardation.
    -Cash & Counseling is in the last phases of the Robert Wood grant. The project will continue with or without the grant.
  • Education- Margaret Reed
    No report due to absence.
  • Medicaid- Sheila Davis

        -Medicaid services continue with organizational  and administrative changes.  Business services continue to progress.

  • Office of  the Blind- Beth Cross
    No report due to absence.
  • Department for Public Health- Diane Chism 
    No report due to absence.
  • Office of Aging Services- Donna Collins
    A new Division Director of Aging was appointed on August 1, 2004.  Bill Cooper from the Green River Area Agency on Aging has accepted the position.

We have several open positions and will fill those  as soon as possible  

  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation - Dave Matheis

After a re-organization of state government in June, we are now the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).  Organizationally, OVR is an Office in the Department of Workforce Investment in the Education Cabinet.  We now have two divisions within the Office, down from four previously.  The existing divisions are the Division of Program Services and the Carl D. Perkins Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center.



Many staff members in the central office in Frankfort have changed positions and responsibilities.  Some functions, such as personnel and some parts of financial management will now be absorbed at the Department and Cabinet levels.  These changes in the central administration of the agency have been made at a minimum of disruption to services in the field.

Beth Smith was appointed the Executive Director of the new Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in June after the retirement of Commissioner Bruce Crump.  Ms. Smith has over twenty years of experience working in the nursing home industry.

The agency is in the beginning stages of revamping its computerized case management system in an effort to improve efficiency. 

Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation
In the months of April through July, the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation made 19 loans for a total of $151,734.  The loans were for 11 hearing aids, six adapted vehicles, one computer, one lift chair, and therapeutic device.

UCE Update:  Harrison reported for Klienert
A collaborative brochure with KCDD, IHDI and P&A has been developed and printed. Copies are available from all agencies.
A website is now in the design stages for the three sister agencies.
Protection & Advocacy Report:  Jeff Edwards
Protection and Advocacy visited facilities in Region III (River Valley Community Mental Health Region).  The counties in this region are Union, Henderson, Webster, McLean, Daviess, Ohio and Hancock.  The purpose of the visits were to guard against abuse and neglect of individuals with disabilities by monitoring the settings where they live, work, and spend their days.  Fifty facilities, which served 2,697 people, were visited.  One hundred and fifty five people received services and 96 staff persons were interviewed.  P & A as a result opened 28 new cases, 18% of the individuals interviewed.


Non-Profit Update:  No report due to absence.

Budget Update:  Goins referred everyone to page 55 and page 59 to review the 2004-05 budget and page 56 for the final numbers of FY 2004.

Announcement of Officers:
 Chair-- Chastity Ross Vice-Chair-- Wanda Propes
 State Agency Representative-- Donna Collins

Audience Participation:
Adams gave information on a website for ADA Games.

Adjourn: ROSS/HALEY made MOTION to adjourn. MOTION PASSED. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.







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